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Actual Patient Cases

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Dental Implants Before and After 
-Pictures of our actual patient cases


 "I had a root canal and a crown done a few years back by another dentist.  The tooth broke at the gum line last night. Dr. Park was able to pull the tooth and put the implant in the same day. Very happy with my new implant! -H.C. "

-Patient H.C. had a crown with a cavity forming underneath. The crown broke off while chewing. Patient declined alternative treatment options such as dentures or a bridge. Patient chose to remove the tooth and place the implant during the same visit to save time. The crown was fitted four months later and patient was satisfied. 


"When I was younger, one of my back molars were taken out. Since then, my second molar started shifting forward. Every time I eat, food gets stuck between my teeth. With the new implant, I can now eat worry free. -T.Y. "
-Patient T.Y. been without her first molar for a few decades.  Her back molar drifted forward, causing misalignment of her jaw and creating a food trap between her teeth. With the dental implant, her bite scheme was stabilized and there is no longer a food trap. 



"Root canal was done twice on my molar, it got reinfected again. The implant 
was cheaper than doing the whole root canal thing again. Should've done the implant  sooner. -S.P."

-Patient S.P. had a recurrent root infection on his molar. He refused to have the Root canal treatment performed for the third time. Decided to have the implant placed instead.